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For more than 30 years, CEDEPCA has been transforming lives in four ministry areas: 
Disaster Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Intercultural Encounters, and Biblical and Theological Seminary.


Disaster Ministry

CEDEPCA has always been committed to an education that transforms, enabling participants to bring about positive change in their homes, churches, and communities. CEDEPCA’s Disaster Ministry works with individuals and communities so that when extreme events happen, they won’t become a total disaster for the community. Changes in the world’s climate have made Guatemala one of the most vulnerable countries. While we can’t stop hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, with much less money than it takes to respond to a disaster, CEDEPCA’s training of prevention and preparation can reduce impact. When disasters do occur CEDEPCA responds with material, aid, psychosocial and spiritual support, continuing to work long after the initial emergency has passed.


Intercultural Encounters

Intercultural Encounters is a program that designs and facilitates experiences of encounter, reflection, dialogue, and mutual service between people of the United States and Canada with Central American communities in search of a more just, tolerant and equitable world. At CEDEPCA, we believe that it is impossible to transform Guatemala in one week, but one week is enough time for Guatemala to transform the lives of many people. During the experience, participants and local communities will learn mutually from each other and discover how God is inviting them to join together to work for transformation in the world.


Women's Ministry

From its inception, CEDEPCA has been committed to have an impact on women in the   region with educational experiences grounded from  a feminist theology.  Activities are designed to empower women to assume their rights, learn to care for themselves, take leadership in their churches and communities, understand laws that help them, continue or begin studying, and especially to develop more equal relationships in their everyday lives.  The Women’s Ministry has worked with church women, women on the streets, expectant mothers, and community leaders.


Biblical & Theological Seminary

CEDEPCA offers The Road to Emmaus Biblical and Theological Seminary that prepares Christian leaders for a pastoral practice that responds to the social and theological challenges of Christian churches in Guatemala, through flexible and accessible programs of formal theological education.

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