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CEDEPCA USA is the partner organization which supports the work of CEDEPCA in Central America. Our board is a multi-denominational, geographically diverse group of pastors, professionals, and lay persons, with longstanding personal ties with CEDEPCA in Central America.

CEDEPCA USA was formed in 2009 as a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization to support CEDEPCA with fundraising and outreach throughout the United States.

Our Mission Statement



CEDEPCA USA strives to connect individuals and faith communities in the United States to the mission of CEDEPCA in Central America, through education, networking, fundraising and accompaniment.

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2019 CEDEPCA US Board Members



Back Row:  

Steve Earl * Chad Mattingly * Gwen Wagner * Lisbeth Siler * Marcia Towers * Elizabeth Milford * Judith Castaneda

Women in Front:  

Damaris Wise * Mary Jane Winter * Barbara Gifford * Kathy Gorman-Combs * Cheryl Rowan

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